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It was around 10 years ago I discovered my passion in life which was and is all about the sea and sailing. I have worked on boats and lived many sea hour years on the oceans of the world.

Recently I embarked on a new journey and decided to start a blog where I would write about maritime stuff but also write about things that interest me and are important to me such as living itself and life issues and struggles in general lifestyle choices, roadblocks and successes.

My name’s Marvin Armstrong. I now live in Nashville, Tennessee. I ended up moving here to look after my aging parents. I no longer work in a maritime business even though my heart is there. Perhaps I will go back one day, but for now, it is right that I am here for my parents.

I was born in Nashville and grew up there. I moved to San Francisco for work when I got my 1st job as a merchant sailor. My passion for the sea grew and I ended up getting promoted through the ranks to become an officer of the fine ship.

I started to build this blog as a hobby. I wanted an opportunity to express my maritime experience, but it has since turned into something else even though there is a small section on maritime, hence the domain name maritimeheritage.net.

This blog is at an early stage in his life, so please wish me well and Why not bookmark this site so you can come back and discover more from me as I aim to write more about life issues and hacks.

Maritime Heritage