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Benefits Of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning your home is easy and effective. Today we tell you what the benefits are and some recommendations to take into account to make it more effective.

In my opinion, the most important benefit of steam cleaning is its effectiveness. According to the data that Spontex has offered us about its new Power Steam mop, did you know that you can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from the floor?

This is because steam at high temperatures kills bacteria and removes dirt with less effort and more effectively; If we add to that the fact that the Power Steam mop contains microfibers, this implies extra benefits. A microfiber is made up of thousands of fibers, so the contact points between the mop and the floor surface increase, so dirt is better retained.

Another aspect that usually worries a lot when cleaning floors is choosing a good cleaning product and a suitable tool to do it, since they can scratch, crack, lose color … These concerns would not exist with a steam cleaning since you can use the mop on any type of floor, from the most sensitive such as parquet to wooden, ceramic, linoleum, marble floors, etc. You will also find a special applicator that allows you to use it to clean carpets and rugs.

A recommendation so that you can achieve an optimal result, when you go to clean the floor in an area with more dirt, let the steam act in that area for about five seconds. You will see how the result improves and the dirt disappears.

Two more advantages to take into account in the case of the Power Steam mop:

you can put the microfiber cover in the washing machine as many times as you want, so you can save money and improve the cleaning of your home.

When it comes to storing this mop, you just have to wind the cables and place them in the special inserts and it turns into an upright position, so it takes up little space.

If any of you already have experience with steam cleaning, do not hesitate to tell us your opinions.


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