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Homemade Tricks That Work To Remove Stubborn Stains On Clothes

Who has never had to deal with tough stains? Today we want to share with you some simple home remedies to remove common stains . But before we start, we leave you some general recommendations :

Try to treat the stains as soon as possible, do not wait for them to dry.

If the stain is still damp : put a cloth or kitchen paper on top and try to absorb as much as possible

Don’t use hot water.
Stains are cleaned from the outside to the inside . That way they don’t spread.

If you are going to use solvents , using small amounts , or r ealiza a test somewhere not visible in the fabric.

Always check the washing instructions on the label (there are garments that can only be dry cleaned, for example, or made of delicate fabrics).

Before complicating your life, the first thing you can try to use is soap and water (if it is glycerin soap, better than better, glycerin works miracles) , and if it does not work, now we give you some tricks …

We start with one of the most difficult stains to deal with: oil!
If the stain is fresh, you can top it off with baking soda, talcum powder, or cornstarch .

If the oil has dried: use a little degreaser dishwashing liquid . You can add a few drops mixed to the detergent or apply a little on the stain and then wash the garment. Wine : salt is added first, and then the garment is washed with soap and water. You can also use talcum powder . Fruit : Rub the stain with a little hydrogen peroxide, then wash normally. Coffee:

if it is a stain on white cotton, you can use hydrogen peroxide, if it is on a colored garment: use a mixture of water and white vinegar; or bicarbonate . On wool: mixture of alcohol and white vinegar. Then wash according to the instructions on the label. Chewing gum: very common with the little ones in the house. First cool the gum with ice cubes previously placed in a plastic bag. Then rub the tissue to break up the gum. If residue remains: rub with a cloth dampened with white vinegar to dissolve the stain. Ballpoint pen or paints

if the fabric is cotton: you must put a cloth under the stain and rub gently with white vinegar , if it is synthetic fabric, rub with lemon juice , rinse and wash the garment. Tomato stains : mix water with white vinegar , apply it on the stain. Leave on and then wash the garment. Grass stains : apply a little white vinegar , if it is on a white garment: lemon juice . Rinse thoroughly and wash. Sweat stains : apply white vinegar and leave for a while. Stains on collars and cuffs on shirts: the chalk

It has a strong degreasing power, apply chalk on the stain, or rub with shampoo and wash directly in the washing machine. Lipstick: l a can be treated with methyl alcohol (alcohol cure we have at home); then wash the garment in a solution of liquid detergent and ammonia. If it is a delicate garment that cannot be washed : use talcum powder to dry the stains. You can always gently use a toothbrush to penetrate the various liquids or powders that we have discussed above.

We hope that all these home remedies will be of help to you. And you? Do you want to share with us your tricks for difficult stains? Leave us a comment!


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