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How To Bring Spring To Your Living Room

We will take advantage of different decoration tricks to give a touch of spring color to our living room and thus improve our well-being when we are in it.

The living room or living room is one of the rooms in the house in which we spend the most hours , either alone or as a family. There is usually the television, the table to eat, the shelf with the books, the sofa … everything that fills our day to day, especially during the quarantine.

On the other hand, if we look out the window, we can see that the trees have begun to bloom, that the days are much longer and that little by little the heat is setting in. And since we cannot go out to enjoy everything we want from nature and spring, we have decided to write this post to bring spring home .

color, color, and more color

It is one of the main characteristics of spring, color. The color of the flowers, the blue skies, the green of the grass. In spring everything fills with color. So, if what we want is to bring spring to our living room, we will have to start by bringing color to the room .

In this section we have infinite possibilities, we are going to divide it into 3 parts:

1- The walls

If what you want is to change your living room and turn it into a more spring-like room , you can start with the walls. In addition, depending on what you decide here, the rest of the things in the room will follow one decoration or another.

Here we ask ourselves again the usual, do we paint or do we wallpaper?

This time, we opted for wallpapering the walls with a floral motif that gives our living room a natural touch.

We recommend that the wallpaper you use for the wall, even if it is patterned, is of a light color . This will give your living room more light and spaciousness.

2- The furniture

If getting papering the walls seems crazy to you, you can always make a change in your furniture and bring spring through it.

If your wall colors are light, you can contrast them with brightly colored furniture . Like fuchsia, green or yellow.

But if, on the contrary, the colors of your wall are darker, we recommend that you lean towards earthy and white colors to give your furniture that spring touch that we are looking for.

Go ahead and give color to your sofa! Or better … what if you restore one of your furniture and paint it a spring color?

3- The curtains

This is the easiest trick of all.

One of the best things about spring is the amount of light we have and that, we also have to take advantage of it at home .

Not only because of the money that we are going to save, but because it will give your home a more natural environment .

To take advantage of the natural light from outside, it is best to put light curtains and soft colors that allow the light to filter through.

‘Deco’ natural

The natural is in fashion and this trend brings us closer to nature and spring.

eye! This does not mean that a natural decoration has to bring us closer to the field if we do not like it. The natural decoration allows us to create more relaxed and serene environments with a touch of nature.

To achieve this natural ‘deco’, you can go for decorative elements or furniture made of natural fibers . In addition to transmitting that calm characteristic of these elements, it is a very cool material that you will appreciate when the heat begins to settle in your home.

On the other hand, it is impossible to achieve a natural decoration without including any plants. Plants give us serenity and add a touch of color to our living room.

Remember when choosing them, that they must be indoor plants and that they withstand the temperatures of spring??

As you can see, with a couple of tricks you can bring spring into your living room. Where are you going to start?


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