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Plants That Keep Cockroaches Away From Home

Plants can be a great decorative addition to your home. Some plants have aroma benefits, too. They emit strong odors that repel insects.

Aromatic plants are a great way to repel insects and other pests. We will tell you which plants repel cockroaches and how to grow them at your home.


The aromatic plant is effective in repelling cockroaches as well as preventing them from spreading. The smell of the plant will repel them. You can also use the fallen twigs to spread the scent throughout your home, making other insects disappear.


The roaches won’t enter your house if you keep a mint in the kitchen and provide it with regular maintenance. You can rest assured that no roaches will enter your home if you have one.


Cockroaches are not only annoying but so are moths and mosquitoes. Lavender will be your best friend against them. It is best to put one in your garden, balcony, or terrace so they don’t come within reach of your home.


It is well-known that rosemary repels insects, particularly cockroaches. Its pleasant aroma acts as a natural repellent and will keep these pests away from your home, especially near drains or windows.


Even if they are already invading your home, this herb or medicinal plant can be used to exterminate cockroaches. If you have cockroaches in your home, you can put a laurel to repel them. It can be placed in any room, including the bathroom or bedroom, and not just the living area.


To repel roaches, keep a pot of citronella in your home during summer. This plant should be given enough sun and water. You need to move it around so that they don’t get into your home.


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