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Sailing Holidays In The Caribbean

More than 1,000 islands to discover where you will be the only protagonist! It seems like a plan that sounds very far away, right? even unknown or elitist, but we want to explain that this is not the case, now it is as within your reach as any other sailing holiday in the Mediterranean.

How to enjoy a vacation aboard a sailboat or catamaran touring the Caribbean?

Well, for example traveling from Tortola in the BVI (British Virgin Islands) the best islands in the Caribbean. Do you know that in a single day you can visit 3 islands that correspond to 3 countries?

In addition, in the Caribbean you can almost always sail, forgetting the sound of the engine, downwind of the “windwards” (windward islands)

Islands such as Guadeloupe, Marie Galante, Roseau, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, Mustique, The Grenadines, and many more are the paradise to be able to visit during the winter months in old Europe.

Those of our sailboats and catamarans that cross the Atlantic annually, then spend a few months sailing and touring the Caribbean. You can join any of the multiple stages, and live a unique experience with all imaginable comforts:

Oceanic sailboat with 3 double cabins with private bathroom for a maximum of 6 people + skipper and sailor-cook (sailor cabin).

  • Large sundeck in bow and stern
  • Comfortable central bathtub to be able to taste the tested beers pleasantly.
  • Air-conditioning
  • Generator 220 v
  • Spacious interiors with a very large saloon and very comfortable cabins, all with private bathrooms.
  • Full kitchen with multiple fridges and freezers
  • Wifi

All are catamarans and oceanic sailboats up to 20 meters in length. Authentic jewels of navigation, in which to enjoy with the family, as in the best of hotels: luxurious interiors and finishes, a chart table with all the sophisticated electronics and the necessary manoeuvre to hoist the huge sails and sail the Caribbean.

We explain below the last adventure in one of our catamarans:

Catamaran trip through the Panamanian Caribbean

More than 1000 islands to discover! In any of its islands we can anchor with this prestigious 39-foot Lagoon Catamaran from 2016, high-end to gently rock in front of a different island every day, most of them virgin, and totally deserted. Where? E n in San Blas, Panama

Exuberant flora, transparent waters and abundant marine life make this environment a true paradise for any visitor. Here all the topics and those images that come to mind when we think of the Caribbean are fulfilled. Here there are still dream islands where we can remain without anyone for many miles around.

Slow Food!

You will quickly become a great fisherman since succulent lobster catches can be made with great ease to enjoy aboard the catamaran. We can’t think of anything better than a good diet based on fresh fish, seafood, coconut water-based paella, smoked fish, and tropical fruit.


The Kuna tribes are characterized by their generosity and hospitality. They are dedicated to artisanal fishing, where they practice very refined techniques and treasure a great capacity and aptitude for artisan work, making beautiful garments in bright colors.

A little history:
Enrique, is the one who governs this luxurious Catamaran in the Caribbean. He is the Captain with an experience in navigation of more than 25 years, an experienced fisherman and a great connoisseur of the area. He speaks Spanish and French.

In the crew we have Paola, of Colombian origin, sailor and Chef of the Catamaran, who makes us enjoy some extraordinary dishes, such as the delicious grilled lobster. But not only that, since Paola captures all our experiences in this idyllic place, she is a great photographer, and a very attentive person, who every morning surprised us with an assortment of rich and refreshing natural juices.

What else did we do on our last Caribbean adventure?
Sailing in a dream environment, enjoying sunrises and sunsets never seen before.

And of course, also enjoy and exercise, practicing snorkelling, paddle surfing and kayaking. And resting on deck contemplating the crystal clear waters, reading a book and meditating at sunset.

At the end of this experience and arriving at the port to catch the plane back, we had not learned the language of the Kuna, but we did enjoy each beach, each lagoon and each journey. Images so intense that they are recorded on the retina.


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