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Step By Step Guide To Organize Your Home Library

Year after year, you have been adding new books to your library and now when you look at it you realize that it has gotten out of hand.

You started very well, ordering each of the new titles that arrived at your house and you were watching your library take shape. Now you have so many that they pile up and you don’t even know how to order them.

Well, here we come to give you some tricks so that you can organize your library step by step so that it returns to what it was.

1- Do you know what you have?

Before choosing how you want to organize your bookstore, the first thing you have to know is what books are in it .

Surely, during this process, you realize that there are books that you haven’t touched for years . Well, if this has happened to you, now is the time to clean up.

If your books are in good condition, don’t throw them away. You can always donate them to a hospital, a nursing home, the public library or, if you don’t want to donate them, you can also sell them to individuals or second-hand stores.

You can give them a new life !

2- Choose your order

Now that you have finished the cleaning process, you have to choose what order we are going to give your books.

When choosing this order, we recommend that you keep a few things in mind .

The books you use the most
The simplest thing will be that you start with the books that you use the most.

It is important that these titles are placed together and by hand so that it is easy for you to identify them . It wouldn’t make sense to put a recipe book that you use every day on the highest shelf in your bookstore.

You can place them on the bottom shelf of your library, near your work table or reading place .

A simple categorization
The rest of the books in your library, you can organize them according to the author, by theme or in alphabetical order .

Choose the categorization that is easiest for you to remember or organize.

Turn your library into a colorful mural

Another way to organize your books can be by color.

By ordering the bookcase by color , you will eliminate the sensation of noise in the room and create a warm and calm feeling in the library.

3- Return each book to its place

Remember that after using a book, it must be returned to its place .

This will be the only way we will have to ensure that our library is always in order .

As you can see, organizing your library is much easier than you think. You just need to decide on the type of organization that best suits you and get down to work .

In addition, the shelves full of books give our home a personal decorative touch that will make our home more familiar.

Ready to organize your library?


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