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The 5 Best Destinations in the Caribbean to Disconnect from the World

Best Destinations in the Caribean to Disconnect from the World

There are a lot of incredible and different places to visit, but we will have to choose one so we have got down to work and based on rogues in paradise blog articles we’d like to share 5 destinations in the Caribbean where we can literally disconnect from the rest of the world and have the most exciting experience you can imagine.

  1. Riviera Maya, a trip for everyone

A little trip through the Riviera Maya is always a success, and this little piece of the Yucatan Peninsula is loved by so many people: from impressive Mayan ruins to endless beaches, through lagoons with crystal clear waters, amazing cenotes, and exquisite cuisine. The options are endless! Do you want to spend a few relaxed days on a half-hippie island? Go to Holbox. Do you prefer a more party destination? You will always have Playa del Carmen or Cancun. Come on, a week (or whatever you can) around here is like a breath of fresh air and a shot of adrenaline.

  1. Cuba, the pearl of the Caribbean

If you have been lucky enough to get to know this wonderful country, we are sure that it will have left an indelible mark on you. Few destinations have as much personality as Cuba. You notice it when you visit Havana for the first time, that city which, although it looks like a house of cards about to collapse, has a magnetism like few others. And what about its beaches? And on its more rural side? And don’t miss the mojitos.

Cuba is a unique experience for those of us who love to travel. In addition to being a super complete and very safe destination, the people are wonderful. Probably shortly after returning from this adventure you will already be planning to return again.

  1. Dominican Republic, beyond Punta Cana

Surprise! It is rumored that there is the wonderful Dominican Republic, beyond Punta Cana. We still do not know it, but we have spied on several travelers who were there through the networks and we got full of envy. And the thing is that small beaches and wild spaces are commonly found in the Dominican Republic! (Surely if you have seen the island of Temptations this will not catch you again).

We have a crazy desire to walk around Santo Domingo, the place where Europeans settled for the first time and an important part of the history of both the country and the entire American continent. Its Colonial Zone is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So, do you need more reasons?

But hey, the idea of ​​spending a few days enjoying the dolce far niente at a super resort in Punta Cana, like the Lopesan Costa Bávaro Resort, Spa & Casino, doesn’t sound bad at all. Especially if you need a therapeutic break in your life. After this experience we assure you that you will be like new.

  1. Island hopping in the Bahamas

Surely you have ever seen the typical photo (or video) of a beach where some friendly wild pigs roam freely: it is the Big Mayor Cay and yes, it is in the Bahamas, another Caribbean destination that we all should visit sooner or later.

We have it very clear: get to Miami, spend a few days and embark on a cruise through various points in the Bahamas. It may not be as adventurous as sailing the waters aboard a pirate ship… but the waters are the same and you can always feel a little more “Jack Sparrow” drinking a rum (we are more of a mojito).

  1. Aruba, the happy island

Another thing to see and do in the Caribbean is to discover Aruba, also known as the happy island. The nickname already tells you what your vacation will be like: here you will be in glory, and how can’t you be in a paradise bathed by those impressive turquoise waters? But Aruba offers more to the traveler. Its capital, Oranjestad, is a charming Dutch colonial city full of history and colorful houses.

Extra: backpacking route through Central America

Undoubtedly one of the great backpacker dreams that we have pending, and that sooner or later we will fulfill, is a route of a couple of months through Guatemala, Honduras and Belize. From strolling through the streets of Antigua to coming face to face with Lake Atitlán, from snorkeling in Roatán to daring to dive in the Great Blue Hole, great plans are guaranteed!


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