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This Summer Croatia By Sailboat

At Nautic Ocean we believe that “Dreaming” thing … we already know that most of us abuse Anglicisms excessively, but we love this word in particular. It perfectly defines the spirit of Nautic Ocean. In fact, if you ask me again what Nautic Ocean does, I’ll probably say a lot of “Dreaming…” doing. The word encompasses a broad concept, or rather, a mental state in which the traveler finds himself when he is preparing his next trip, his vacation or that adventure that does not stop haunting his head.

For this reason, it is very worth enjoying the Dreaming as soon as possible ». Do not hesitate and listen to me. In fact, as a Canarian hotel entrepreneur and a good friend of Nautic Ocean says, the vacation or that dream adventure you begin to subtract from the first day you enjoy it … The “dreaming” therefore, you will agree with me that it is the most important thing: we have Even our entire journey to enjoy, we have not subtracted a single second, and it is there in our head, allowing us to enjoy it, imagine it, change some things and enjoy them again.

It only happens in our head, but the feeling is very pleasant. The more we prepare for our trip, the more we increase the amount of “dreaming” that flows through our brain. We love to imagine how the meeting will be on the first day when we board and enjoy our dream ship, when we start to enjoy sailing, or when we are at anchor enjoying a delicious dinner in that secluded anchorage with the stars in the background as the only witness of our immense happiness. We dive into the internet capturing useful information that will serve us when we arrive at our destination, what to do, what to take and where to go. The routes, photographs, videos, and guides provide us with more fluid and oxygen to our brain to feed our Dreaming …

If we value the “dreaming”, the “last Minute (another Anglicism, sorry!) Is the asyntithesis. We have skipped months and months of preparations, dream trips, planned islands, and fictitious but real navigations in our heads. The bad news is that we Spaniards are more of a “last minute” than a “dreaming”, what are we going to do … it may be that the economy influences, or that we are the kings of improvisation, but the truth is that the rest of Europeans people of our environment enjoy dreaming more if we stick to statistics. They book their vacations well in advance and have the opportunity to “dream” a lot more. Therefore, we still have time to sign up for dreaming, which is also free.


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Hello, my name’s Marvin Armstrong, maritime seaman and sailor by trade.

This blog, although it wasn't meant to be a blog, but rather the site about my maritime interest, has now expanded to be an expression of my own lifestyle itself where I cover my interests and discoveries.

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